Tsukiji Nao Exhibit

A solo show to celebrate Tsukiji Nao’s 15th anniversary is being held at Vanilla Gallery in Ginza until February 5. The solo show is in room A, and WINGS magazine’s 40th anniversary exhibit is in room B.

There were quite a number of analog b&w manga pages from the beginning of the series, like Kojiro trying to make Shiro wear underwear, the creepy mansion full of stuffed animals, and Komaki-chan who loves muscles. The rest were digital pages printed on manga manuscript paper. Pencil sketches for some of the digital pages were also on display.

The color pages were mostly printouts, but there were several analog pages on display.

Autographed reproductions of every b&w and color manga pages are on sale. b&w pages are 11,000 yen. Color pages come in two sizes – I don’t remember the exact prices, but IIRC one of them was in the higher 30,000-yen range. You can also ask the gallery to frame your purchase.

The WINGS Magazine exhibit consisted of color pages by present-and-past artists, and a handwritten message from every one of them.

The Ginza area is home to many galleries. Vanilla Gallery and Span Art Gallery hold many solo shows by manga artists throughout the year. My other personal favorites are Ginza Graphic Gallery and Creation Gallery G8. And there’re always several manga/anime popup shops on the 8th floor of Yurakucho Marui.