Sumikkogurashi Keikyu Collab

Sumikkogurashi did a collab last fall with Keikyu, Haneda Airport, and Tokyo’s Ota ward as part of their tenth anniversary celebrations. (You can download the pamphlet from here.)

“Keikyu Kamata” station became “Keikyu Sumikko na Kamata” station during this period.
There were Sumikko all over Kamata Station. There were Sumikko on station signs at a number of other stations as well.

Some quick notes about why the Sumikko are dressed that way. Ota-ward has 31 public baths, the most in all the the 23 wards of Tokyo, many Showa-style shopping streets, and
many tonkatsu restaurants. You can go see the tire kaiju at Nishirokugo Park, often referred to as “the Tire Park.”

Ota ward’s natural hot spring water is famous for being black. The Kamata area was below sea level in ancient times. Seaweed and seashells continued to decompose, and the resulting organic elements dissolved in water to turn the spring water black. The water is so black you won’t be able to see your body when you take a dip!

Keikyu has done multiple collabs where station names were changed for the collab. “Keikyu Kurihama” station became “Keikyu Rilakkurihama” station for a Rilakkuma collab. “Keikyu Kamata” station became “Keikyu “Kaamatatatataaa” station for a Fist of the North star collab.