Ultra Heroes EXPO 2023 Summer Festival

I went to the Ultraman summer event last week!

Tickets are sold by day and time, and live shows are held five times a day. Once you enter the venue, you have one hour to look around the exhibits, or get in the queue to take photos with the Ultras before the live show begins.

On entry, you receive a SKaRD membership card and a mobile app collab fan.

The first exhibit area features the New Generation Ultras.

The second exhibit area features SKaRD. You can enter the SKaRD CP and look over everyone’s desks. Captain Gento has posted a welcome message on his booth.

The Earth Garon cockpit is also on display.

The live show is about 30 minutes long. The first show is “Stars: Warriors of the New Generation.” The Ultras are caught in a trap and Ginga, Victory, and X are sealed in the darkness. Ultraman Z is left alone, and begins to fight to rescue his senpai. COVID restrictions are no more, so the audience was finally able to shout “Ultraman Z!” when he asked us to chant his name.

The second show is “Ultraman Blazar: A New Light.” Ikebukuro is under attack again, so a member of SKaRD Ikebukuro gets on Earth Garon to fight the kaiju. When Earth Garon is knocked down, Captain Gento (SKaRD members appear on stage weekends and holidays) came on stage to do his 俺が行く and transform, then Blazer finishes off Bazanga. Blazer was climbing on the iron pillars on the side of the stage, and jumping on buildings as he fought.

Cameras are permitted only when a camera icon appears on the side of the stage (no videos).

I went to the second show of the first day, so the audience reaction when the new Gaia SSV appeared was quite something.

The show will change on August 9.

Remember to pick up this flyer on your way out. It’ll give you discounts at restaurants and cafes in Sunshine City, and amusement facilities like the aquarium, planetarium, observatory, and Namjatown.

And finally, I took some photos of now-familiar spots on my way back to Ikebukuro station.