Ultra Heroes EXPO 2023 Summer Festival, Second Half

I went to the Expo again when the second half started, so here’re some more photos.

In the the exhibit area, the Minato siblings was swapped out for Ultraman Gruebe, and Ultraman Reiga for the Tri-Squad.

The Blazer diorama display is visible only from behind a cafe display.

There were welcome messages from all the SKaRD members now everyone’s appeared in the stage shows.

Anri: To all the SKaRD special members!! Congratulations on joining SKaRD. Do enjoy yourselves today! Let us protect earth together. Show us your photos on social media! Looking forward to seeing them.

Emi: Is everyone enjoying Urusama? I hope your summer holidays are the best! Maybe one of us is secretly watching somewhere in this venue… I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

Teruaki: To all the SKaRD special members. I’m truly happy that you’ve joined us! I will do everything I can to protect you, so do enjoy your day here today, and prepare for the training that starts tomorrow!

Yasunobu: Congratulations on joining SKaRD! We’re a team now!! Do enjoy your day here.

I noticed there was a hand mirror on Anri’s desk this time, so maybe the items on the desks and walls are shuffled around every couple of days? I also noticed this time that “Ear-kun” has a locker next to Yasunobu.

The second stage show is titled “Moving Wishing Star – Side Blazer and Side Stars.” Both stories take part after episode 5, as Dorugo’s awakening sets the wishing star free.

People suddenly start disappearing in Ikebukuro Sunshine City. The Blazer world is now stuck in a loop where SKaRD members are forced to keep battling aliens.

As for Side Stars, the only spoiler-free thing I can say is that the audience was asked to chant not just Ultraman Z’s name, but also Trigger, Decker, and Zero’s name, and Ultraman Z gets his Deathcium Rise Claw suit. And in the finale, Ultraman Trigger, Decker, and Gaia SSV appear together on stage to take down the kaijus.

A digital quiz rally is being held around Ikebukuro station. There were statues in the spots I dropped by: Blazer in Seibu Department Store, Ultraman in Biccamera, Ultraseven in Animate, and Ultraman Zero in Toys “R” Us. If you collect four stamps, you can watch the 2022 first summer stage show for a limited amount of time. If you collect all eight stamps, you can also watch the 2022 second summer stage show.